The culture we are proud of

Indian culture is great, no doubts about that.

We, the nation of 1.25 billion (and counting), are a proud nation. We love bragging about our ancient Culture – the science of Yoga and Ayurveda, the Zero we invented, our literature, the diversity of languages, respecting elders, abusing and harassing women…wait what? Am I insane? What am I talking about? How dare I question our great Indian culture, that worships Durga but kills a girl child? See, I am doing it again. Wow, I must be a Feminazi.

If you want to know about the great Indian Culture, ask that girl who takes the bus everyday, and stands in the corner with her bag covering her chest and hands at the back, hoping this would be enough deterrent for a potential molester. If you want to know about the great Indian culture, ask that girl who takes an auto/cab everyday, praying that the driver is a decent guy so that she doesn’t have to spend the entire ride under his lusty eyes gazing at her from the rear-view mirror. If you want to know about the great Indian culture, ask that woman who drives to work everyday after dropping her kids to school/day care, and is honked at incessantly even though she overtook the driver from right, because she is “a lady driver”.

If you want to know about the great Indian culture, ask that girl who is made to parade in front of a new family everyday, because she is of “marriageable age and dark skinned”. If you want to know about the great Indian culture, ask that girl who was called “a b*tch with an attitude” by a random stranger at the pub she refused to dance with. If you want to know about the great Indian culture, ask that girl who is flooded by hate messages in her inbox, because she chose to comment on a sexist answer at Quora. Or how about you ask that woman who is branded “sexually frustrated” because she spends long hours at work and pushes her team of men to do better on the sales pitch, while rocking that red lipstick and high heels?

Or, maybe you should ask that woman who can’t enter the Puja room during her periods about how great the Indian culture is. Or the woman who is told by her aunt when she is eating her favorite blueberry muffin “How will you find a nice boy if you keep stuffing yourself? Why don’t you eat a salad for a change?” Or maybe the woman who was broken up with because she was more  qualified and earned more than her insecure boyfriend.

The Indian culture will still remain great, because some of you will continue to bother the girls who didn’t say a clear NO to your advances, despite dropping hundreds of hints. The Indian culture will still remain great because I didn’t laugh on that horribly sexist joke you sent me over Whatsapp. And of course, the Indian culture will remain unlike any because a Hindu IAS topper chose to marry a Muslim IAS topper, and it was very obviously Love Jihad.

Do I need to specify that all this is “pungent sarcasm”? I guess I do, I don’t have the patience to explain it later to the protectors of “Bharat ki Sanskriti”.

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The movie I am eagerly waiting for – Dangal

From fat to fit, Aamir has left his fans flabbergasted with his latest venture.

Even though I am not much of a sportsperson, I love watching sports dramas. Sports drama, when executed correctly, have the potential of turning around the careers of the lead actors. Be it SRK after “Chak De India”, or PeeCee after “Mary Kom”,  Farhan Akhtar after “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag” or even Sushant Singh Rajput post “M.S Dhoni: the Untold Story”, their depiction of sportsman valor and vigor resulted in many accolades and established them as “actors” and not just “stars”

In a country like India, where anything other than medicine and engineering requires a determination beyond the realms of normalcy, pursuing sports as a profession and succeeding at it is commendable. Sports not only need a lot of mental endurance, but also require immense physical strength and stamina, and hence the stories of sports’ persons are very heart-warming and motivating.

When I read the word prompt Vigor at Daily Post today, it made me smile because I can’t think of a better way to describe Aamir Khan’s incredible transformation for Dangal, which releases on 23rd December 2016. Now Bhai fans are gonna say “Well Aamir copied Bhai because he did Sultan first”, but even they know that Salman and Aamir really have no comparison whatsoever 😛 (which Salman says himself by the way). Aamir has always been a perfectionist, but this time I think he has surpassed himself. Have a look at this video at UTV Movies’ Facebook page, and decide for yourself:

Isn’t he inspiring? I mean from 97 kgs to 6-pack, that accounts for something right? That’s a lot of mental and physical vigor in 5 minutes! The next time I want to miss a workout, I am going to watch this video 😛 Amazing stuff, and I think Dangal is one movie I am not going to miss, come what may. The real story of an ex-wrestler pushing his daughters to the glory of victory at the international stage in a sport like Wrestling, is bound to tug the chords of the sentimental me!

Are you looking forward for Dangal as much as I am? Don’t forget to let me know!

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5 Things We Can Safely Call “Pungent”

Slightly silly, but definitely not boring.

Don’t ask me why, but yesterday’s prompt was “Pungent” from the Daily Post, and I had this crazy writer’s itch to write! And so I decided to write on this weird sounding word, but not before I asked Google Assistant on my Android about “pungent”, something that I often to do just to see if it is humanely possible to annoy this Assistant to the point of quitting. Per usual, things quickly escalated, which you can see in the slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So Allo helped (Yes I am going to call it Allo, because it is just easier), but I needed more to go on. So I googled, and searched, and read, and wasted more time till I had it enough and came with the following 5 things that you can safely call ‘pungent’.

5. The smell of frying (or maybe burning?) onions

There there now, I am trying to start gentle and therefore I talk about the smell of onions, which is kind of inspired from Allo’s results (yes, it is still Allo). Now onions, are a boon for cooking, at least for Punjabi cooking. But the smell of frying/burning onions is enough to give me a heart attack, for it means that the masala is about to get burnt, before I save it with my miraculous cooking skills. I call my cooking skills miraculous because they are still a miracle for my Mom (Yes Mom, I cook. Yes Mom, I have been doing it daily from past 4 years. No mom, I don’t eat out everyday, thanks.)

These are not burnt yet!
These are not burnt yet.


4. The smell of freshly peeled garlic

Garlic is another boon for cooks, but the smell you get on your hands after peeling it, can put any fancy hand-wash to work up a lather (literally). I love the flavor of garlic though, especially in meat preparations. What is a mutton gravy without garlic?

The depth of flavor at the cost of smelly hands.
The depth of flavor at the cost of smelly hands.


3. The smell of LPG leakage

Now this is another pungent odor, for a good cause. LPG itself doesn’t have any smell, so imagine the catastrophe if a little friendly Ethyl Mercaptan wasn’t part of it? Let’s be thankful for this one too.

No caption needed.
No caption needed.


2. The smell of rotten eggs

Now we are venturing into dangerous terrains. I once had the misfortune to open a rotten egg, and the stench was enough to put me off eggs for at least a week. Most of you would know this, if you have tested compound salts in Chemistry Lab and prayed you got one that contained sulfur, since it was so easy to detect 😛

Don't know if it is rotten but it does look sad :(
Don’t know if the egg is rotten but it does look sad 🙁


1. The smell of negativity

Whoa, that is a big one now. So as I scrolled through the meaning of “pungent”, I came across this :

Please ignore my drawing skills!
Please ignore my drawing and screenshot skills.

So you get it right, what I mean by pungent? There will always be people around ready to take you down with the “pungency” of their bad thoughts or actions or opinions, that will alarm you, irritate you, hurt you and even make you cry. But honey, we absolutely have to ignore this pungency now, don’t we? Life is too small to be wasted on insignificant things, especially things that won’t matter 5 years from now. So shun the negativity, put on some good music, work out a bit, and treat yourself with the fragrance of a chocolate muffin. Now that is the kind of “smell” we want more in our lives, don’t we?

If you think this post is advice doled out to self, you are absolutely right!! But while you are at it, why don’t you tell me about things you find, “pungent”? Slightly funky smelling food for thought, eh?

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