Tonight is the night,
To miss the one I never had.
To think of the one who made me smile,
Yet bore me tears I could never wipe.

I know better than to miss,
For those who are meant to be are seldom missed.
But tonight is the night to think of him,
The dreams, the kisses, the laughs – all of it.

I hear his whispers all around me,
Piercing through the bitterness of the last fights,
In the darkness of the night I think,
Of the one I had and yet couldn’t be with.

Reality is ugly, backed by truth,
Love is a mirage, so be it,
Tonight is the night to give into illusions,
Of imagined hugs and all perfection.

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Blogger, avid reader and a home cook. A software engineer on weekdays and a dancer on the weekends. Yoga and coloring are the new flavors of my life. I love spending my time doing things that add meaning to my life, and that includes my beauty sleep as well! :D My weekends are often busier than my weekdays, for I enjoy trying out new things to do and new places to check out, but I always have time for an interesting conversation :)

3 thoughts on “Tonight”

  1. Hii!!! Sanji Di!!

    I hope you remember me… shelly from rawatbhata…. your posts are really awesome….. i have actually read a few but they all were amazing….

    it is just a random thing which strike me while seeing all the love birds in my college campus some sitting together and some arguing or going through a break up… what is a relationship between one boy and a girl… how it is exactly defined??? i could not think of any appropriate words to define it… so i really wana know from your side what do you mean by relationship???

    hope to see you seen please do visit us in mumbai…. and you look so beautiful!!!! 🙂 🙂


    1. Hi Shelly,

      It is really embarrassing for me to try and explain what a relationship is to you, the last I remember you were still a baby!! 🙂 And now you are growing up to be a lovely young woman, who has very valid questions about emotions and “relationships”.
      A relationship between two people, I think it is very very hard to explain. It is easier to explain blood relations, but to explain relationships of heart is a different ball game altogether! It is more than friendship for sure, and many cases equal or even more than a blood relationship. But it may not last forever (as you can judge yourself looking at the lovebirds in your college 😛 ). You can call it romance, you can call it love, but all I know is, you know when it happens. I can’t say if it is good or bad, but as they say, there is an age and a time for everything, and kids your age are too young for that! In that age, what you see in your college, in 9 cases out 10, are mistakes that they will live to regret and then write blog posts about 😛
      Take care, and thanks for reading! Hope to see you soon! 🙂

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